What is Private Equity?

The Private Equity is a term that is related to private companies and not the public exchange. It consists of the investors that make the investments directly into private companies. These investors sometimes buy a public company and thereby, results in the delisting of the public equity.

The Challis Capital provides their expertise and knowledge and enables the funding through different channels to even the most complex funding structure. They have a direct access to the capital and an extensive network of industries’ key players. They can give your company direct access to equity, hybrid capital and debt.

Today’s market is fast changing and complex. In order to succeed in this ever changing and competitive market, you need to have an expertise help and direct access to the debts and the equity capital. The Challis Capital takes the help of an independent boutique corporate advisory. It enables Challis Capital to provide the optimum strategic solutions to the client.

The Challis Capital has good professional relations with the leading private equity investment groups of Australia and thus, they enhance the equity offering. They also have a wide distributional network of high-net-worth private equity investors and a loyal distributional network of end users. Their expertise is in all sectors but it is mainly focused on property related transactions in the construction sector. A strong and expedient transaction is supported in all the capital market conditions and on all the stages of the investment cycle; by their dedicated investors. They provide optimal solution to any of the given project, as they have strategic partnership with the key industry professionals.

Thus, the Challis Capital provides the best solution for those in need of the expertise related to private equity. The dedicated service of Challis Capital has gained trust among its clients that has helped them in the getting most of the work from their referrals and relationship.



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