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Credit Enhancement

Credit Enhancement

Credit Enhancement Strategies for Corporate Borrowers

At Challis Capital, we understand risk, we also understand the wide range of financial instruments we can use to mitigate it for a corporation.If you’re a corporate and wish to discuss how you can access higher LVR’s and more comfortable loan terms, talk to us – we can help.

Introducing credit enhancement strategies allows the corporate borrower access to a more efficient funding package by virtue of significant risk mitigants being introduced.Our clients have benefited from our Credit Enhancement Strategies through:
  • Higher loan to Value ratios
  • Improved interest only periods
  • Longer loan terms
  • Improved amortisation profiles
  • Improved risk pricing of the corporate debt
Approved collateral types, currently consist off
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Pooled Small to Medium Enterprise trade accounts
  • Equipment loan/lease receivables
  • Capital assets
A working capital based funding solutionIf you are a property developer, we can also facilitate a Credit Enhancement strategy to cover your pre-sale shortfalls.For your growing middle market company, Credit Enhancement solutions can be used as a highly efficient, receivables-based working capital funding solution.Improve your corporate debt risk profile and help your business grow - contact us for a confidential chat about Credit Enhancement strategies today.

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