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Corporate Finance Solutions for Property Professionals

A Challis Corporate Finance Solution is a corporate level, unsecured facility which is non-conflicting with existing property level facilities such as senior bank loans or mezzanine debt facilities.The unsecured line is specifically designed to fuel growth.

As a property developer / real estate professional, you can typically find your capital constrained as your equity is locked in existing projects. This can slow down, or even halt growth.Keep moving forwardChallis Capital Partners offers Corporate Finance Solutions that can work to unlock trapped equity and future cash flows which can be monetised and drawn down in total or in tranches to fuel growth strategies.If your current funding structures are hamstringing progress in your organisation, this unsecured line can allow funding of growth orientated acquisitions.Typical Borrower Profile:
  • Property Developers (both local and offshore) with multiple current projects with significant pipeline
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT’s)
  • Real Estate related operating companies such as management companies and fund managers
  • Multiple projects, assets, income producing properties and cash flows
Key Points:
  • Unsecured (no property level mortgage security)
  • Growth Capital for expansion
  • Minimum Facility $30M
  • Term can be up to 5 years
Structured to work for you The facility amount is not dependent on the value of the project securities, so there is no traditional Loan to Value Ratio constraints and no requirement of a mortgage on the project.It can be used for land settlement, development, refinancing or as a substitute for equity / mezzanine finance or for any general corporate growth or expansion purposes.The beauty of this is that it leaves the way clear for existing / future senior debt providers.Untapping future cash flowsThe facility can be repaid from potential unlocking of equity / cash flows from existing and future projects. These can be from assets located anywhere in Australia and offshore, especially Asia, Europe and the US.The future cash flows can be used to secure the corporate facility and will be used to assess the creditworthiness of the borrowing entity.Where to startTalking to our highly experienced Corporate Finance team will help you to understand how we can make things possible.Contact us to discuss your specific needs in confidence.

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