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Whether its debt re-structure, corporate reconstruction, facility negotiation, divestment, creditor negotiations or work out solutions- we have developed them extensively for clients.If your business is in distress, and in need of finance, we encourage you to contact sooner without delay. The sooner we understand our client’s financial issues, the faster we are able to develop a solution to solve them.

Circumstances can occur which lead to corporate entities finding themselves in difficult situations with their current lenders, at times, due to no fault of their own.Your business could be facing distress of such nature for multiple reasons, including one poor performing business unit encroaching upon the group, poor market conditions, unfavourable revaluations, and monetary and non-monetary covenant breaches.Secure the turnaround finance your business needs - today!Irrespective of the reasons for your requirement, it is critical that you move swiftly and partner with an organisation that understands the market in detail and that can help guide you to calmer waters.Challis Capital can provide your business with the turnaround finance it need to stabilise the situation and move on successfully from it!Distressed/workout solutions we offer
  • Debt Restructure
  • Corporate Reconstruction strategies
  • Corporate Workout solutions
  • Facility Renegotiation and Discount Negotiation
  • Divestment strategies
  • Creditor Negotiations
  • Credit enhancement strategies to improve the proposed facilities risk profile
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