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Distressed Property Finance

Distressed Property Finance

Distressed Property Finance to keep things moving

Challis Capital Partners provide innovative and responsive funding solutions for property professionals who find themselves in difficult situations.

Identifying the problems and counteractingWhen a property developer runs short of funds to complete a project it can be for many wide and varied reasons. Funding becomes critical at this point to keep it on track and not lose many millions of dollars.Our highly experienced Property Finance team are well versed in Distressed Property Finance and can make the difference in keeping the project alive. Turning major challenges into even greater successes.Some examples of areas that we can help:
  • Incomplete property developments
  • Replace funding lines
  • Provide additional sources of funding
Analysis. Planning. Execution.Challenges are nothing new in property development. Great rewards come with risk. Our team understands that completely and has the expertise and proven knowledge to understand every aspect of recovery.Our direct access to capital partners combined with expertise in finance, legal and project management mean we can take care of both planning and its execution.Creating the right structure togetherIn collaboration with the property developer, our Property Finance team carefully evaluates and analyses the project. Essential blockages are identified and solutions are formulated.Once these are clear, our team re-looks at the entire financing structure using the range of financial instruments available to us.Where to start?The important thing is that it happens quickly. Our team are highly responsive and build critical timelines into the solution.Contact us to discuss your specific Distressed Property Finance requirements in confidence.

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