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Mezzanine Finance

Mezzanine Finance

Mezzanine Finance for Corporates & Property

We have extensive, proven experience in successfully facilitating Mezzanine Finance facilities for our corporate and property developer clients.

Proven experienceMezzanine Finance provides the ‘bridge’ between the senior debt and the borrower’s equity and usually takes a subordinated position behind the senior lender. It can be applied to a wide range of securities ranging from assets such as property or equipment to business enterprise values.Our real estate team is one of Australia’s foremost facilitators of Mezzanine Finance to the property industry.Maximising your borrowing potentialMezzanine Finance is often used by property developers to maximise their borrowing capacity against a specific property development. Property portfolio owners can also maximise gearing against quality property assets.FlexibilityOur Mezzanine Finance facilities can either be on a stand alone basis behind an existing senior. We can also facilitate a structured product where there is a Senior Debt portion and Junior Debt portion which combined can stretch to a significantly higher than market loan to value ratio.Our mezzanine debt facilities are available to commercial properties up to 85% LVR and also for property development proposal up to 90% of TDC and up to 80% of GRV.Tailored to suit youWhen it comes to Mezzanine Finance our experience and market knowledge can ensure you have the perfect solution to suit the outcome your after.Contact us for a confidential chat on how our mezzanine finance can help fund your project.
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