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Challis Capital Partners offers unrivalled access and expertise for your property finance requirements across the entire real estate spectrum including debt, equity, advisory and investment.With combined experience of allocating several billion in funds, we are the industry-leading real estate capital advisory partner you are looking for.

You have access to a Property Finance team with significant industry-leading property experience with an impressive track record of success.

This combined with our extensive industry network of key players and funding channels enables us to deliver even the most complex funding structure for your specific requirements, including workout solutions for distressed projects.

Tailor-made solutions

No two projects are the same. Our strengths lie in offering our clients bespoke funding solutions, regardless of their complexities. By thoroughly interrogating the task and by offering true partnership, the right package can be delivered. Complex problems often require complex finance solutions. We thrive on complexity and finding the right answers.

Unrivalled access to funds

We have direct access to both local and offshore debt and equity ranging from institutional investors, super funds, investment banks, family offices, mortgage trusts, private lenders and our own high net worth investors.

Partnership is the key

All our clients find our partnership ethos extremely valuable. Working with us means you have access to new sources of capital, unrivalled service and a quality network of capital partners.

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Development Finance

Innovative Development Finance Solutions for Australian and Offshore Property Developers. Challis Capital provides you with unparalleled access to capital, industry-leading experience, extensive knowledge and tailored solutions to maximise your project’s profit potential.

Stretched Senior

Challis Capital’s Stretched Senior Development finance provides up to 90% of loan to value ratio’s. Significantly higher than traditional senior lenders for well located projects and experienced property developers

Mezzanine Finance

Mezzanine Finance provides the ‘bridge’ between the senior debt and the borrower’s equity and usually takes a subordinated position behind the senior lender

Preferred Equity

We have extensive experience is structuring preferred equity and hybrid security solutions for SME’s, corporate borrowers and property professionals

Joint Venture Equity Funding

Private Equity or joint venture arrangements are a coming together of property experience, capital and opportunity.

Development Management

We have a proven track record of delivering property development management services to property owners and overseas based property developers from inception to completion.

Commercial Property Loans

We provide you with direct access to an unrivalled network of commercial loan lenders ranging from major institutions, mortgage trusts, investment banks, private equity, private lenders and our own high net worth investors.

Distressed Property Finance

Innovative and responsive funding solutions for property professionals who find themselves in difficult situations.

Corporate Facility - Property

The Challis Corporate Finance Facility is a corporate level, unsecured facility which is non-conflicting with existing property level facilities!

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