Property Investment at Your Fingertips


banner-industry-market-analysisProperty developers are at risk of investing so much money on construction projects. While incomplete, these projects do not earn anything, making them a sinkhole of funds. There will be financial risks involved, which could bring destruction to the project without it being finished. Developers should look into property investments and maximize their potential to keep constructions going with the right financial backup. One of the best real estate- focused financial facilities is the Challis Capital. Years of industry experience and top- notch investment expertise have led our financial team to provide the best solutions and insights to property developers. Our commitment to our clients can withstand any complex funding structure in the industry.

Challis Capital provides three essential aspects in property investments: Capital, Advisory and Investment. At the start of your construction project, the capital is your top concern. Fortunately, our finance team has been dealing with capital investments since our early years. We have the knowledge, experience and access to the network of key players in the real estate industry. Our funding channels could help you choose the best financial arrangement that would benefit your project in the long run. Our direct access to equity, debt and hybrid capital will surely be of help to you.

Our financial advisory team from our company’s independent corporate firm can work with you throughout the project with regards to strategic solutions in debt and equity funding. Our years of industry experience and research have taught us the valuable trends in the property market. By combining what we know with the current trends in the market, we will surely help you plot the best strategy for your property projects. Our access to equity and debt capital will also be an advantage n sourcing out what is necessary for the project. If you want property investments that will help your business financially mature through time, Challis Capital is the best advisory option there is.

Property investments are necessary to fund real estate projects and find opportunities in the property market. Challis Capital has been working towards the goal of connecting property professionals to investor clients. We function as the ‘capital partnership’ to ensure that both parties involved will get the share they deserve. With our innovative financial solutions, we ensure success for your business. In addition, our industry- acquired knowledge about the depth and breadth of the property market will help minimize the risks involved, which leads to superior risk return rations for our network of investors.

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