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Property Investment at Your Fingertips


banner-industry-market-analysisProperty developers are at risk of investing so much money on construction projects. While incomplete, these projects do not earn anything, making them a sinkhole of funds. There will be financial risks involved, which could bring destruction to the project without it being finished. Developers should look into property investments and maximize their potential to keep constructions going with the right financial backup. One of the best real estate- focused financial facilities is the Challis Capital. Years of industry experience and top- notch investment expertise have led our financial team to provide the best solutions and insights to property developers. Our commitment to our clients can withstand any complex funding structure in the industry. Continue reading

Understanding Investment Options in Properties

investment imgInvestment property is considered to be a constructed real estate that is purchased with the intention of earning money from it. The purchase is considered to be an ROI or Return on Investment, considering that the future resale or rent of the property can help investors earn money. Investment properties are either for long- term or short- term arrangements. Apartment buildings and sky- high corporate offices are considered to be for long- term endeavors, while properties that are bought for remodeling or renovations are considered short- term investments. Investment properties are similar to the majority of investments, in which generating a profit is the goal. However, the profit comes from a profitable resale or rent income. It is recommended to be in contact with the right financial facility to maximize the value of your investment properties. Continue reading