Is Mezzanine Finance The Best Debt Option?

With the growth of capital market, there are numerous types of debts which have become popular these days. According to Challis Capital, one of the best debt options in modern day is Mezzanine Finance.

Mezzanine Finance is a unique form of capital bridging which assures the lender with a right of ownership or equity interest if his lent amount is not paid within time or in full. This form of lending allows the lender to safeguard his interest and remain immune to the cases of fraud.

Who uses Mezzanine Debt?

Mezzanine Debt is mainly used by people who are into property development. The objective behind such type of financing is to maximize the capacity of borrowing in cases of property. For an instance, if a lender is ready to lend a promoter under Mezzanine finance, he shall have the right to acquire the whole/ part of a property if the sum is not paid within the stipulated period.

Corporates are also regular users of Mezzanine Finance as they offer a viable option of converting the existing loan into equity. However, this type of finance is considered subordinate to the debt which is offered by senior lenders such as venture capital companies and banks.

Where to find Mezzanine Finance assistance?

Challis Capital has a pool of skilled professionals who possess complete knowledge about Mezzanine Finance. Their involvement in your investment plan can help you get the best returns. Wide resources and complete market knowledge make them an ideal choice for consultation. Additionally, when you possess their support you face minimum risk and maximum gains.

It is always important for an investor to plan his investment. Every single decision counts and with every change in the available rate of interest on loan, your income from an investment will fluctuate. Always have professional assistance ready before taking an investment decision.

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