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英国脱欧会为澳大利亚商业房地产市场造成什么影响? – 使其更具吸引力

七月 27, 2016

(English) The first thing we have to understand about capital markets is that they like ‘stability.’ Countries that offer capital stability, obtain it. Countries that don’t, invariably, lose it.

What Britain’s decision to leave the EU may have done to its commercial capital markets is destabilise them.


七月 27, 2016

(English) Coming close on the heels of Greece’s macro-economic woes are China’s worsening economic indicators and market sentiment. Just when the world markets were heaving a temporary sigh of relief from a …………


七月 30, 2015

(English) With the growth of capital market, there are numerous types of debts which have become popular these days. According to Challis Capital, one of the best debt options in modern day is Mezzanine Finance.

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