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High LVR & Distressed Commercial Loans


Commercial Property Loans built around your need

We provide you with direct access to an unrivalled network of commercial loan lenders including major institutions, investment banks, superannuation funds, private equity, private lenders and our own high net-worth investors.

Tailored finance that fitsBy looking at every aspect of your situation, we’re able to provide you with the optimum commercial property finance solution - right for your specific needs.We have the expertise to take care of even the most complex commercial loan structures, including workout solutions for distressed projects.And our extensive industry network of key players and funding channels enables us to deliver on the structured plans we develop with you.Getting the brief rightOur team of highly experienced property finance professionals are available to you at all times. Collaboration and information sharing is the only way to ensure the right solutions.Our proven track record with existing clients has seen the successful delivery of optimum commercial loan solutions for commercial property owners time after time.Specific needs coveredWe can meet all of your borrowing requirements, whether it is an owner occupied property or an investment with a potential for appreciation:
  • High leveraged facilities with senior debt extending up to 80% LVR
  • Tailored terms and conditions to suit your specific requirements
  • Lowest available interest rates
  • Set and forget commercial loans with no annual reviews
  • Non-recourse facilities without the need of directors' guarantees
  • Commercial loans based on valuation as opposed to purchase price
  • Non-conforming private loans where a more flexible approach to lending is required
  • Workout solutions and debt reconstruction for distressed commercial loans
  • Bad credit or poor credit commercial loans
It starts with a conversationGetting the ball rolling is as simple as sitting down and discussing your needs with our experienced Commercial Property Finance team.Contact us to discuss your specific requirements in confidence.

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